Bunn commemorate 200 years of business

Over 100 customers, suppliers and local dignitaries recently visited Bunn Fertiliser Limited to celebrate 200 years of manufacturing.

Founded in 1816  by James Bunn, the company has evolved from a small fertiliser merchant providing herring-guts to local farmers, to a national business serving customers from John o’ Groats to Lands’ end.

To commemorate the achievement representatives from Great Yarmouth College Art, Design and Photography course showcased a piece of artwork designed by students to celebrate the long-term role Bunn Fertiliser has played in local agriculture.

Explained Bunn Fertiliser Managing Director, Richard Sunderland: “Agriculture has seen many changes over the last 200 years, but one constant for East Anglia farmers is high quality fertiliser produced locally by Bunn Fertiliser”.

Great Yarmouth College representatives showcasing artwork. From Left: Amy Stock, Ricky Barnard and Toni Nixon