Korn-Kali® fertiliser, 0-0-40-6-12.5, is a high-quality granular fertilizer that is a combination of  potash and magnesium fertiliser with 40% K2O in the form of potassium chloride and 6% MgO in the form of magnesium sulphate (Kieserite).  This fertiliser also contains micronutrients in the form of 4% sodium as sodium chloride (Na2O) and 12% sulphur as sulphate (SO3).

It is well suited for a basic dressing in autumn and application in early spring prior to sowing. All nutrients are fully water-soluble and thus directly plant available. This fertiliser has excellent spreading characteristics.  Korn-Kali® fertiliser can be used on all soil types.

Korn-Kali® is a registered trademarks of K+S KALI GmbH.

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