Frequently Asked Questions

Who produces Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser?

Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser is produced in the UK by Bunn Fertiliser Limited. The origins of Bunn Fertiliser Limited were founded in 1816 in Great Yarmouth. It now operates eight fertiliser terminals throughout the United Kingdom.

It is a subsidiary of Koch Fertiliser, LLC, which covers global demand through terminals in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, France and the United Kingdom. It has the capability to market and distribute more than 13 million tonnes of fertiliser products annually.

How do I judge the validity of Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser over other products and companies making similar claims?

Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser is powered by AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser, bolstered through registration by the European Commission.    


Can I spread it through my brand of spreader?

Calibration settings are available for all spreader types. Either the results of SCS or the spreader manufacturer can be used to initially setup your brand of spreader. 


Always read and follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding spreader settings and calibration. Spreaders veins should be thoroughly wiped down prior to setting up the spreader and after use.

Why is Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser light green?

The AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser that minimises the volatilisation loss is green, giving Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser its signature colour.

What is Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser?

Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser contains 46% nitrogen. The product starts as a urea form which is treated with AGROTAIN® nitogen stabiliser. AGROTAIN® nitrogen stabiliser minimises the volatilisation loss normally associated with the urea form of nitrogen. The innovation of Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser provides top-level performance comparable to ammonium nitrate in terms of yield and protein levels.

Has it been proven under UK growing conditions?

Nearly 100 trial-years of UK field results prove the high performance in producing yield and quality.

A 2012 scientific publication from ADAS scientist Dr Roger Sylvester-Bradley and colleagues concluded: “Overall, [Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser] appeared to provide the best combination of economic performance and GHG intensity…”. Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser is proven to be a high-performance fertiliser in UK

Does Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser slow down the release of nitrogen to my crop?

'Stable and available' is the best summary for Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser. There are no coatings or membrane to slow the release of nitrogen from the granule to the soil and crop. Instead, the mode of action is on soil chemistry to prevent ammonia gas formation.  By stabilising the chemistry, more nitrogen is retained in the soil to fuel the crop to optimal yield and quality.  Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser does not slow down the release of nitrogen.

Can I spread Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser accurately?

Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser has been tested proving it can be spread comfortably in the right conditions to 36 metres.


What are the storage requirements for Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser?

Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser can be stored the same as any other fertiliser, and simpler than ammonium nitrate. Thorough testing of the physical and chemical characteristics of Koch Advanced Nitrogen® fertiliser proves that there is no loss of integrity from 12 months of storage, in practical conditions. The trials have demonstrated that after a 12 months of storage the product remains as flowable as the day it was produced.